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Olympvs Jeans are designed for muscular guys, with a tailored athletic fit. Experience the comfort of our innovative Hyper Stretch denim, engineered to move without losing shape.



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Product Features


Olympvs jeans are crafted from a cutting edge Hyper Stretch denim and built for muscular legs.


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Product Features

Jeans For Muscular Legs

  • Fit to your true waist size, no more sizing up to fit your legs
  • Extra room in seat and thigh to prevent crotch tears
  • 360º Hyper Stretch Denim for optimum comfort
  • Developed with a re-enforced crotch on the inside of the jeans to defend against crotch splits. This is camouflage to the outside

Athletic Fit Jeans FAQs

If you have any further questions, feel free to message us via our chat app in the righthand corner. We're very friendly.

Athletic fit refers to the unique proportions which our jeans are cut. They are slim on the waist, wide in the thigh and taper below the knee. This has a selection of benefits for men with muscular thighs:

  • Fit to your true waist size. This means no more sizing up on your waist to fit your legs and no need for a belt 
  • Extra room in seat and thigh. For extra comfort, to remove restriction on legs and to prevent crotch tears
  • An issue for men with big thighs is ripping through the crotch on their jeans – as the fabric between their legs rubs together. Therefore, we developed our jeans with a re-enforced crotch on the inside of the jeans, to defend against crotch splits. This is camouflage to the outside

Hyper Stretch Jeans – This means the denim is incredibly stretchy. More than typical ‘stretch’ jeans, which may only move a little. Olympvs jeans can typically stretch up to 40-50% from their original shape (which is a lot!). Our jeans are combined with a polyester blend, which allows them to recover well and return to their original shape. This prevents sagging of the material.

Sorbtek 365 Jeans – The unique Sorbtek 365 fibre creates the ideal microclimate between you and your jeans, releasing heat when you’re warm and trapping it when you’re cold. This makes them breathable and allows you to stay comfortable in adverse conditions, compared to normal jeans. Our Sorbtek 365 jeans are also Hyper Stretch.

Jogger Jeans – These have a brushed interior, which means they’re slightly fluffy on the inside like a fleece. This design also has an elasticated waistband and draw string, so they’re styled like joggers, instead of belt loops on the other styles. Jogger Jeans are also Hyper Stretch. 

Olympvs sources the cutting edge of performance denim, which is out of reach from budget brands and fast fashion. The composition of these allows greater stretch and fabric recovery. This means our jeans feel nicer, perform better and last longer.

Muscle fit jeans are designed for guys with large thighs who want a form fitted jean. Often a stretch skinny jeans style, they are designed to fit closely from the athletes waist, all the way to their ankle. They are a popular style of jeans for bodybuilders. 

Olympvs athletic fit jeans are a muscle fit style, with slightly extra room through the leg so they’re not skin tight. They are a slim tapered shape.

Compared to a regular fit jeans, athletic denim is slimmer on the waist, wider in the thigh and seat, and tapers more below the knee.

A true athletic fit will be better for guys with a large ‘drop’. Where their waist is considerably smaller than their chest and thigh measurements. 

Muscle fit jeans are designed to fit closely from the athletes waist, all the way down their leg, with a close fit on their ankle. Slim fit jeans may be closely fitted to the body, however, they do not have room for larger muscles. Therefore they may be restrictive and too tight for athletes.

Olympvs jeans are a muscle fit shape. This allows a tailored fit for men with big thighs, without a skin tight appearance or constrained feeling. 

Athletic legs are wider on the thigh and slimmer on the waist, compared to the average guy. This creates a large ‘drop’ between their thigh to waist measurements, which makes buying off the rack jeans much harder. Guys with athletic legs typically have to ‘size up’ a few inches on their waist size, in order to fit their thighs. However, this leave excess fabric on their waist. If you struggle with this problem, you have an athletic body type.

The Olympvs collection is designed specifically for guys with athletic body types. To have access to form fitted and flattering clothes, which shows off their muscular shapes.