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5 Reasons Guys Love Olympvs Athletic Fit Jeans

The issue for athletes is never being able to find jeans which fit properly. Olympvs is creating a real buzz among athletes, body builders and fitness fanatics. Below you can find out why so many athletes are switching to Olympvs for their Jeans.


Our gear is tailored for muscular guys

Olympvs’ athletic fit jeans are made to fit larger quads and bums, while keeping a slim waist. Our tops are uniquely designed to accentuate your physique, for those with broad shoulders and a slim waist. This means you no longer need to search around for clothes which fit, Olympvs is perfect off the rack.


The HYPERstretch denim is ridiculously comfy

In term of comfort, these jeans are on par with your sweatpants. The HYPERstretch denim gives you an incredible range of movement whilst retaining its shape throughout the day. Having busted the crotch on my last 2 pairs of high-street jeans, it feels great that you can squat, jump or run without any restriction at all. 


The Critics’ Choice

See the reviews from other blogs such as Well Built Style, Talking Rugby Union, Lifting Times, James Haskell Health & Fitness and Vinco. The jeans were also featured in Men’s Health Magazine and sold out in 24 hours on the Sweatcoin app. 


Uncompromising quality

The quality was hard to gauge over the internet, but in hand they hold their own against the best designer quality jeans. There are plenty of high quality finishes which are far greater than you’d expect from their price point:

  • A reinforced crotch
  • Deep coin pockets
  • Rivets to strengthen back pockets
  • High quality fabric and finish


Loved by athletes, like you 

Olympvs say they were designed to be the ‘ultimate jeans for athletes’. So from Crossfitters and rugby players to body builders, they were made for your active lifestyle. This has earned them a whopping 4.9/5 star rating from their customers and a flawless 5/5 on Facebook.

4.9/5 Customer Rating

Muscle Fit Jeans, Chinos & Shorts

Upgrade your wardrobe with our innovative HYPERstretch bottoms. You’ll look sharp in any situation with our athletic fit that’s engineered to move without losing shape. 

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