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The Sorbtek 365 jean fuses hyper stretch denim, thermo-regulating properties and sweat-wicking technology. This culminates in a pair of jeans which can handle adverse weather conditions year round, giving you the next level of freedom and comfort.



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Check In-Stock Items

Ridiculously Comfy Hyper Stretch Denim

In terms of comfort, these jeans are on par with your sweatpants. The Hyper Stretch denim gives you an incredible range of movement whilst retaining its shape throughout the day. You can even squat, jump or run in them without any restriction at all. 

Stay Cool and comfortable, all year round

The Sorbtek 365 fibre creates the ideal microclimate between you and your jeans, releasing heat when you’re warm and trapping it when you’re cold.​ 

  • Creates an air layer between your skin and the fabric, keeping the wearer cool and comfortable in warmer climates 
  • Unlike circular cotton fibres, Sorbtek fibre is extruded into distorted shapes at the micro level. These fibres interlock making small air pockets which produce a micro climate between the fabric and your skin

Sorbtek 365 Moisture-Wicking Tech

The unique Sorbtek 365 fibre uses a Catch-Move-Release system which quickly absorbs and wicks moisture out, where it evaporates to keep the wearer cool, dry and fresh. The fibre works in a three stage process:

  1. Catches moisture from skin
  2. Moves it out
  3. Releases it to keep you drier

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